Devin Duke

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I am a PhD candidate in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr. Stefan Kohler studying the neural basis of lifetime concept familiarity using fMRI, patient studies, as well as behavioural studies incorporating masked priming manipulations. I completed my M.Sc. with Dr. Kohler as well, having studied the nature of subliminal affective priming on familiarity-based recognition memory.

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H.BA, Psychology with a Minor in German Studies, The University of Arizona

MSc, Psychology, University of Western Ontario


Duke, D., McRae, K., Bowles, B., Gilboa, A., Rosenbaum, R.S., & Kohler, S. (in prep).  Abnormal semantic memory structure in a case of developmental amnesia.

Bowles, B., McRae, K., Duke, D., Rosenbaum, R.S., & Kohler, S. (in prep).  A link between familiarity impairments in recognition memory and impairments in familiarity assessment for semantic concepts acquired over the lifetime.

Fiacconi, C.M.Barkley, V., Duke, D., Finger, E.C., Rosenbaum, R.S., Carson, N., Gilboa, A., & Köhler, S. (in prep.). Nature and extent of person recognition impairments associated with Capgras Syndrome in Lewy Body Dementia.

Duke, D., Fiacconi, C. M., & Köhler, S. (2014).  Parallel effects of perceptual fluency and positive affect on familiarity-based recognition memory for faces.  Frontiers in Psychology, 5(328).

Campbell, J., Nadel, L., Duke, D., Ryan, L. (2011). Remembering all that and then some: Recollection of autobiographical memories after a 1-year delay. Memory, 19, 406-415.