Jordan DeKraker


My past work has focused on memory systems in humans and animals, and more recent pursuits have brought me to study the hippocampus in humans using neuroimaging techniques. My Master’s work has focused on ultra-high resolution imaging and flexible segmentation of the hippocampus using 7T MRI. In my PhD, I am building on the techniques developped in my Master’s to link structural and functional measures in MRI to performance on targetted behavioural tests, both in healthy participants and in patients with medial-termporal lobe epilepsy. I hope that this work will improve our understanding of episodic memory and how it shapes our ongoing expereinces, and also contribute to our understanding and treatment of disorders such as epilepsy.

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Msc., Psychology, University of Western Ontario

H.BSc., Neuroscience, Carleton University


Fiacconi, C. M., Dekraker, J., & Köhler, S. (2015). Psychophysiological evidence for the role of emotion in adaptive memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 144(5), 925.

Davis-MacNevin, P. L., DeKraker, J., LaDouceur, L., & Holahan, M. R. (2013). Comparison of the MK-801-induced increase in non-rewarded appetitive responding with dopamine agonists and locomotor activity in rats. Journal of Psychopharmacology, doi:10.1177/0269881113492029.